Our Story


Why we do what we do

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Think Molly Pet Supplies came from our cat Molly pictured above. Until Molly arrived at eight weeks old I wasn’t a pet person. I never wanted a pet, I saw them as an unwanted expense and commitment. But from the moment I saw her poor little face on the day she arrived, I was hooked.
Unfortunately, she wasn’t to well. Her mum had rejected her and she had infections in both eyes preventing her from seeing and she was very underweight. But with plenty of TLC from my wife Steph and myself. Molly has thrived.
It was while going through this tricky period and researching how to look after Molly I discovered the world of pets. I read forums by people who were one hundred percent committed to their pets and I was blown away at all the wonderful stories. I was beginning to relate to other pet owners and their experiences.
I had gone from being indifferent, to having a passion for all animals. I couldn’t be without Molly, she has enhanced my life and I now understand how these bundles of love touch our hearts. 
I had always wanted my own business but had never really done much about it. But through Molly, I had seen that I could combine this passion with that dream. Thanks to Molly, we are a small family business that cares and understands the true meaning of having a pet.

Our shop is located at Unit 7, Henstead Arts and Crafts Centre, Toad Row, Henstead, SUffolk, NR34 7LG